Lovely to meet you, Jazmin.

Lovely to meet you, Jazmin.

In our first edition of, Lovely to meet you, let's get to know the Founder and Director of Lesser Store, Jazmin Wotton. 

Upon meeting Jazmin, she greets you warmly, inviting you into her world and takes genuine interest in your conversation. She exudes confidence and intelligence, especially in her expertise in fashion (and interiors! And seemingly everything else!).

Welcome Jaz! Let’s start off where it all began, where did the concept of Lesser come from and how did you get started?

I was working in interiors with all Danish brands, and working there, I loved interiors. I still love interiors, and that's why I love all of our VM side of things. But I knew I really wanted to work in fashion, and being a buyer was what I wanted to do for a career.

I've always wanted to be a buyer. I saw an opportunity to bring European design in fashion to Australia, because it's such a big gap in the market.

The main reason why is because getting it in is so expensive. But if you do it right, it pays off, and it has, and now we can import amazing European designers. I started with two racks in the store when Mum had majority flowers in the shop, and now I have kind of taken over. And then it just kept organically growing, so I started doing bigger orders, our customers were eager for it.

What does a typical day in the life look like for you?

Oh, that's an interesting question. Every day looks very different, which I feel like everyone can say. But usually I will go to alterations and dry cleaning on my way to the boutique, get across anything that's happening with Lottie, what orders are in or returns or whatever needs to be done. And then a lot of customer -based things; seeing our VIPs, thinking about what they need, talking to them, getting to know them, a lot of building up our community. Then there’s the boring stuff… Finances etc

Three words to describe your personal style?

Minimal, but I love playing with shape.. a wide sleeve, slouchy denim with a tee.. and sexy, in a striking and timeless way.

Who inspires you, your style and your approach to fashion?

Brands like The Row and Khaite, I look up to. I think it's unachievable for almost the whole of the population. But, in terms of their style and how they kind of approach their design, it kind of goes back to like my kind of three ways I would describe my style. Yeah, I'd say someone like The Row and Kate. Also one of my girlfriends Roch inspires me majorly. I think she has that fine line between like practical but cool and timeless, something you can buy and you still feel cool wearing it in like two years time.

I don't really look up to like a person for my style. I think, being in buying, I've kind of become that for myself because I'm always having to think about other people's style and what's going to suit them, what they need in their wardrobe.

So I'm almost taking inspiration from my customers. and then doing my own edits, if that makes sense. Because now my whole wardrobe's a little Lesser, other than I'll buy a couple of The Row pieces. 


"I started with two racks in the store when my Mum had majority flowers in the shop, and now I have kind of taken over"