Let us introduce you to Róhe Frames

Let us introduce you to Róhe Frames

Róhe Frames compliments the Lesser Wardrobe, pairing perfectly with our Dagmar and Malene Birger pieces. Perfect pieces for day-to-day and travel. We hope you love Róhe Frames as much as we do - Founder and Director, Jazmin

Róhe was established in 2021 by Marieke Meulendijks and Maickel Weyers in Amsterdam. The house stands for an infinite dialogue of quiet confidence. A strong identity for a timeless reinvented garderobe. A multi-disciplinary philosophy, where craft, innovation and an artistic community meet.

The collections are defined by a rewritten definition of tailoring and elevated minimalism. A personal garderobe that transcends seasons with each piece seamlessly complementing the existing collection. Róhe focuses on an unexpected edge, exceptional Italian fabrics and uncompromising quality.

Images taken from Róhe Frames.

To celebrate the new collection, 20 guests were invited into theRóheHouse in Amsterdam to explore the brand through the lens of heritage, food, art and culture.

Jaz styling new arrivals from Róhe Frames; Barrel Leg Trouser, Cashmere Knit and Long Satin Skirt.